On the Hobby Table - Void Raven

On the Hobby Table I get to show off some of the things that I am working on or that I have finished!

First The Void Raven. Needs a wash and then it will be ready to play on a table near(or far) from you.

 photo 8BD91E7F-4BA6-4179-94D6-D8CBE3ABADE2_zps9e88h8z5.jpg

And then there is the Avatar! I really like how he came out:

 photo FD5A857A-9C5E-4D62-B41C-46352F802E2D_zpsvp3scfcy.jpg

Thanks a lot for tuning in!
Skari - out.


NEW Dark Eldar 40k Tactics - The Ravager

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40k Battle Report - Dark Eldar vs Grey Knight Centurion Star

Grey Knights! Centurions, Tiggy and Coteaz! The Combination of a great deathstar. The Centurions face off against the Dark Kin. Welcome to another battle report. You can subscribe to the youtube channel HERE for more content. Enjoy the report.


On the Hobby Table - Working on some MINIS!

What is on my hobby table? Fliers, Characters, Tanks... and more! Here is the nitty gritty.
I have been putting a lot of videos up on the youtube channel, and the blog has been a sort of embedding site for it. But I dont want to turn the blog into just a feed of videos! Time for some good ol pictures and text!
I have been painting a few things! My brother gave me a waveserpent, another venom and a void raven! So... time to get those done.
My succubus finally had some paint put on it:

 photo 0877B56C-5B23-4C56-8338-2972E5A20465_zpsazh8bhfj.jpg

Being excited about getting some more tanks on the table! This next waveserpent means that I can run either three, or I can run a night spinner + two of them. And brings my Eldar force up to 1500pts... well I use them mostly as allies, but you never know, maybe will run them as a stand alone force at some point!

 photo D8A6CAEB-E397-41AB-B616-621AB1032AE1_zpsswanh4qd.jpg

Death from the Skies! - And lastly, I have been working on my void raven! I built it, primed it, and even started painting it! Very excited to see it all done. My goal is to get it to a tabletop standard before I film the tactical video for it, as it is the last one in the series that deals with the Dark Eldar Units
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4k Subscriber Contest! Giveaway! Update 4 Days to go!

4 days to go for the Youtube Giveaway and Contest for 4000 subs !


NEW Dark Eldar 40k Tactics - Cronos Parasite Engine

40k Tactical Video - The Cronos Parasite Engine in the Dark Eldar Heavy Support Slot.


NEW Dark Eldar 40k Tactics - Talos Pain Engine


40k Battle Report - Dark Eldar vs Chaos and Deamons

Dark Eldar Warhammer 40k Battle Report. The Dark Kin take on the Chaos Space Marines and Deamonic forces! We play an 1850pt game BAO format, on a gorgeous FAT mat. Fully Painted Game on a Fully painted table, terrain and what not. Quality thats for sure! Hehe. Enjoy this bloodbath.

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